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Reasons Why MOE Should be Elected as Edo State Governor

Reasons Why MOE Should be Elected as Edo State Governor As the political landscape in Edo State undergoes a significant shift, the MOE 2024 campaign emerges as a formidable force, promising to lead the state into a new era of prosperity and effective governance. Under the banner of #Restoration2024, the MOE campaign asserts its commitment to transforming Edo into an economic hub. Supporters are voicing their desire for a leader who not only comprehends the intricate needs of the state but also possesses the vision to set a robust agenda for sustainable development. The campaign strategically taps into the shared value of development as a unifying force among the people of Edo. Utilizing hashtags like #Collectively and #MOE2024, supporters are actively rallying fellow citizens to unite in endorsing MOE's candidacy.  The call to action is encapsulated in the trending hashtag #NOMINATEMOE2024, symbolizing the collective push for MOE to secure the gubernatorial nomination in the upcomi

Tinubu celebrates Buhari at 81

 Tinubu celebrates Buhari at 81 President Bola Tinubu has celebrated his friend and ally, former President Muhammadu Buhari, on his 81st birthday. President Tinubu extoled the peerless leadership credentials and feats of the former President, recalling his meritorious service to the nation at various times as Head of State and as President. Reeling out former President Buhari’s unparalleled record of infrastructural provision, comprising several new international airports, multiple standard-gauge railway lines, new seaport development, dozens of new dams, power stations, oil and gas infrastructure, expressways and mega-bridges, in addition to establishing Nigeria’s first-ever national social investment and protection programme, amongst many other feats, President Tinubu fondly recalled the former President’s aggressive push to modernize Nigeria’s defence architecture while working towards import substitution with the empowerment of millions of Nigerian farmers in his progressive initia