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Israeli Ship ‘Galaxy Leader’ Hijacked By Yemen’s Houthis In Red Sea

 Israeli Ship ‘Galaxy Leader’ Hijacked By Yemen’s Houthis In Red Sea Israel cargo ship Galaxy Leader ‘hijacked by Iran-backed militia’ in Red Sea with up to 52 people on board AN ISRAELI-owned cargo ship has reportedly been hijacked by an Iran-backed militia group. Up to 52 people are reported to have on board the Galaxy Leader vehicle carrier when she was seized. It comes after the Houthis – based in Yemen – vowed they would target all ships owned by Israel or flying their flag in the Red Sea. Israeli officials confirmed the rebels had taken over the ship that is partially owned by one of their companies, according to Axios. However, the IDF went on to deny the ship was Israeli. The exact ownership of ships is often difficult to discern due to various different companies owning stakes in or leasing the vessels. Various media outlets have reported the ship is owned by Israeli shipping businessman Rami Ungar. The nationality of the crew remains unknown – but Israel has insisted they hav